Richard and Wendy at The Church on Main in Chattanooga, Tennessee

May 7th, 2013

Richard and Wendy are a match made in Heaven.....I mean literally. Their love story is so awesome.  All of their friends and family were rooting for them to get together and when they finally did, it was magical.  You can feel the love radiating from the two of them when they are together.  They are constantly smiling and kissing. I think when they said I DO, there was a giant sigh of happiness from the entire crowd that had gathered to celebrate their big day with them.  The ceremony and reception took place at The Church on Main.  It is a gorgeous venue. And, despite the week long threat of torrential downpours, we made it through the day with no more than a light shower.  I so enjoyed photographing your wedding day and I hope you love your sneak peek!